[VIDEO] Orange has made its most vocal “word salad,” and even liberals

Orange is like Joe.

He can’t string a sentence together… and when he finally slaps something together, just like Joey, no one knows what he’s talking about.

This just happened again.

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Orange has put together one of its biggest and most epic soundtracks … this time after a mass shooting at a parade on July 4 in Highland Park, Illinois, where seven people were killed and dozens more injured by a mentally ill lunatic.

These two dollars are fake “presidential admins” “monks and costello”.

Orange and Joe are two people who can’t swim, who are trying to hit the water but are drowning quickly.

And it has become so bad for Orange that liberals have now overcome it.

Again, Kamala tried to listen deeply and at last sounded as if she were reporting a book she had never read.

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“Vice President Kamala Harris has just spoken at the scene of the mass shooting in Highland Park. “We have to take this thing seriously, just as seriously as you have because you have been forced to take it seriously,” he said.

You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“I voted for Biden, and I’m kindly asking, there are no more speeches by him or her.”

“I think I finally understood the technique of writing his speech. Take an adverb and repeat it 1000x. “

“Biden could have picked a pet stone for the VP that would have been more meaningful than the orange. The more he speaks, the less he understands. “

“Anyone who has voted for this administrator, I am disappointed that he is having the same problem again and again. If I see that this is a problem, why can’t he and his staff?

“Each single 10-second” lecture “sounds like an exciting 2nd grade book report given by her where it’s very clear that the student didn’t read a disgusting thing.”

“It’s so funny that every one of his statements on any subject is like this.”

“I just hate that the right pushes on it, and that’s the only thing anyone can focus on. Come on, orange, come together. “

“He speaks as if he were using prophetic text.”

“Very serious people, seriously.”

Clearly, this orange is exactly who: a fake woman, who is over her head.

He could have hidden a lot of his incompetence when he wasn’t on the main stage, but now, he has nowhere to go.

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The emperor and his whip must have no clothes.

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