[VIDEO] On this # July 4th, these gentlemen want to remind Joe that he is sucking and

You won’t find anyone who will admit on camera that they are Biden supporters.

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Seriously, it’s bad. Where are his 61 crore supporters?

Are they all on one year vacation or something else?

All the jokes aside, I’ve seen a lot of these “street people” videos, and in them I’ve seen one person claim to be a Biden supporter, and that was the weakest support I’ve ever seen … The kid was basically just anti-Trump, not Biden.

Looks like everyone in the United States is united against this crazy old fool.

And I’m going to show these two guys, they’re talking for most of us … and that seems like a good fit for a #July4 date, doesn’t it?

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When Joe Biden was asked what they would tell him if he stood in front of them, a man said he would tell Joe that he was old, and that he was falling off the bike and it was over for him.

His friend pipes up and says he’ll tell Joe to let Trump come back.

It’s perfect.

I want to say exactly the same thing!

You can watch the video below:

I like it when regular / intelligent / average Americans talk.

You don’t need a poll to tell us how we think and feel.

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Just ask some ordinary guys like this, and trust me, what they say will represent most of us.

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