[VIDEO] No one can buy the latest excuse from the police for not entering Rob Elementary

I’m sorry to hear that shooting at this school in Texas. It’s bad enough that we’ve lost 19 innocent souls, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the police have foiled rescue efforts from start to finish.

Now, I’m not talking about the Border Patrol that killed the gunman in the end.

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I’m talking about the local police who refused to involve the shooter.

It got so bad outside that the parents were begging the police to go inside, and at one point, they started running and organizing their own efforts to stop the shooter. Police actually handcuffed a mother who went inside and tried to save her child.

But no matter how much the parents beg, the police will not move.

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In fact, the gunman was with those kids at the school for 80 minutes before an off-duty border patrol agent killed him.

80 minutes.

There were 19 cops in the hallway outside the classroom door, and they didn’t go inside the room.

They did not want to “shoot and kill.”

19 policemen.


One policeman for every murdered child.

So, what is the new excuse why the police did not involve the shooter?

Well, according to a press officer, the police chief thought he had “more time.”

He assumed the gunman was barricaded in a room where there were no survivors.

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Who did he think he was shooting?

The wall?

Katie Pavlich can’t believe what she’s hearing … and neither can we.

“How he left” faith. “The bottom line is he * doesn’t know * and defaulted on a fatal assumption. Destructive beyond comprehension.”

Here is what the officials are saying now: “Texas officer: Police did not enter the school because the ‘on-the-commander’ mistakenly believed ‘no more children are at risk.” Was … “


How could they not know that the children there were at risk?

They were calling 911 from inside the cursed classroom.

But boy, everyone was ready to go when the mask mandate came into effect.

Needless to say, people are having a really hard time buying this story from the police.

Human Events Editor Jack Posobic called it a “stand-down order.”

As I said, people are not buying what the police are selling.

Here are some comments:

“BS because the local police chief was the commander at the scene, and everyone, including him, heard gunshots. This makes it even more annoying. Abbott should remove people from their positions. This major is Scott Israel 2.0. There is no accountability. “

“This is not just yoga. Do you hear gunshots and feel alone in a room with a gun?

“I hear kids calling 911 from home, so how can the police not know they are in danger?”

“I’m sorry to say that, but it just smells bad, all over. Something really wrong and I don’t know if we’ll ever find out.”

“It’s all B.S. Why did a teacher open the door?

“Gunshots prove false.”

“They discourage parents from taking the necessary risks which makes it twice as bad and even more bizarre, if you ask me. “

“Speaking as a LEO, the # 1 job is to save people’s lives and they have failed to do so.”

We love our cops. They risk their lives every day to keep us safe, but when there is such a serious screw-up and children are involved, it needs to be investigated at the highest and most serious level.

And in that note, I remind you that Joe Biden refused to call for an investigation, saying he had “faith” in law enforcement.

Really, Joe, the kids died while the police were standing outside, and you’re right?

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Trust me, Biden doesn’t want to interfere in his “gun control” push.

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