[VIDEO] No one can break The Dames Demonic Agenda more than this random guy.

You don’t have to be a sophisticated educator to break a completely liberal agenda.

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Trust me, this random guy did it better than anyone you can see in his flannel and undershirt.

A friend texted me this video clip and said I should watch it because this guy “dropped the mic” on the Liberals.

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I somehow rolled my eyes. A lot of random people across the internet are dropping the mic. But since it was a friend, I saw it, and boy, I’m glad I did.

This guy is really something special … and what started out as a 2A rent turned out to be a complete and complete destruction of the whole liberal apparatus.

It’s amazing, and I know for a fact that you’ll enjoy watching it every minute

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Clock (warning language):

Here’s what people are saying online:

“She is OK. Common sense and truth are always a good mix. I’d love to hear more from him. “

“We need to shoot at their schools to snatch our guns, and they’re making shooters to do it. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. How evil and desperate they are for our guns. “

“A gun is a tool that is like a shovel or a hammer. It can be better or worse than the people who use it. “

“To add more … well said. I support French but American citizens who defend their constitution. We all know that most mass shootings are organized to disarm Americans (false flags). Don’t give up bro !!!” “

“The whole world must hear it!”

“I like that young man. He could be my militia officer. “

“It’s a race against the clock. Demra knows that a new breed of Republicans is going to deal with them seriously in November. So they’re pushing everything now. It’s time to hold on to the Foxtrot line.”

This guy is the kind of guy here who has to be in local politics.

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I hope he joins the school board or the city council. If we had more people to represent us, we would be much better off.

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