[VIDEO] Money signed off last night with Pelosi’s “twins” but it was Jason’s

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of Nancy Pelosi in Italy, with her “Love Muffins” hanging?

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Pelosi and her drunken-driving husband traveled to Italy, to stay in some of the highly exclusive resorts that are so expensive, they don’t even list their rates.

Thank God they didn’t “respect” climate change, and holidays near home, didn’t they?

Remember, he and his drunken “better half” are curating around the world while Americans are suffering from Biden’s inflation, barely able to fill their cars with gas or put food on the table.

And while Pelosi was out, shaking between the sun and the surf, a photographer took a picture of her naughty pillow, hanging on the beach.

So, of course, Tucker had to end his show by commenting on them and sharing photos, right?


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“We’re going to go out singing your retina tonight.”


Carlson told Americans to “keep it wet,” really grab that image of Pelosi, so that when they go to bed, they don’t forget it.

I think Tucker thought it was the end, and he said good night, but then out of nowhere, former Congressman Jason Schafetz came up to the screen and stopped Tucker.

“Is Jason up for Shawn Hannity tonight?” Money was surprised, and before he could answer, a panicked Jason Pelosi was punishing him for showing a picture of a very mature cleavage.

Of course, it was all a joke, but still a very funny moment.

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You can watch the video below:

As a woman who is much younger than Pelosi, I can tell you, a scoop-neck bathing suit is a girl’s best friend when it comes to gravity.

Hey, that’s just fair, isn’t it?

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We don’t like to see older people at Speedo, so this turnout is a fair game.

It’s all about “equal” human behavior, right Dems?


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