[VIDEO] Money has revealed the real reason for canceling the “Ministry of Truth” … and MSM

Well, today the Biden administrator “Minister of Truth” has taken an indefinite break.

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This came after weeks of backlash against the dystopian / comic division and the nuts being in charge of the female biden.

This woman was a mix of Mary Poppins, the Harry Potter group, and the Russian cheater Cook.

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While he was not spreading lies and confusion, he sang show songs and played in a music band that gave sex to 14-year-old Harry Potter.


Are there any of these Biden admin veterinarians? A simple Google name search strategy can do that.

How on earth did this fruitcake pass the test and be allowed to lead this horrible communist department?

In the end, it was a huge embarrassment for Biden Admin… and you know, the only thing leftists can’t handle is being ridiculed and ridiculed… and that’s why the terrible section and Nina had to go.

And he raised the issue of money, because he explained why the Ministry of Truth was omitted.

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“Nina Jankovic was so embarrassed that even the Biden administration could not bear it,” said Tucker Carlson, referring to Biden’s resignation from the ministry of truth.

You can watch the video below:

Money is right. And while the media will not tell you this fact, because they will do what they can to protect the narrative, the rest of us know exactly what is happening.

Here’s what people think of Minister Nina:

“He looks like some cartoon villain from some superhero franchise.”

“He actually spread misinformation when he discussed the bias of the online platform when it comes to censorship LOL.”

“Perhaps there are many more skeletons in his closet.”

“Maybe Scarippins finally turned a blind eye to his brain (what little he had).”

“He’s a silly toon..but then the whole admin is a cartoon”

“How was he ever elected? Didn’t they do any experiments at all? Man, this administration has wrapped up everything. “

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This administrator’s negligence is at its peak, and it’s (ridiculously) true that we’ve been told that the “adults” are back in charge.

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