[VIDEO] Melania is back and she has taken a flamethrower to Sleepy Joe

I’m glad to hear that Melania is back.

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And oh, how we missed his grace, insight and beauty.

This is Melania’s first on-camera interview when they removed her and President Trump from the White House, thanks to a ballot-harvesting scheme.

Melania is the perfect person to talk right now about what’s going on in the country, especially when it comes to food shortages for our country’s children.

And that’s exactly what Fox News host Pete Hagseth asked her during a new sit-down interview, among other things.

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The Daily Wire reports that former First Lady Melania Trump gave her first interview since leaving the White House and said “leadership” is responsible for the lack of child resources in this country at the moment and much more.

In a clip posted on Twitter on Friday in the presence of the former Flotus on Sunday in Fox & Friends, host Pete Hagseth asked him what he thought of the “state of affairs”, including inflation, the shortage of child sources, high gas prices and more. , Mediate Report. Trump highlighted the problems the country is facing with “leadership” or “lack of it.”

“I think it’s sad to see what’s happening, if you really look deeply into it,” Melania shared. “I think a lot of people are struggling and suffering and what’s going on around the world. So, it’s very sad to see that and I hope it will change soon. “

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You can watch the video below:


But we all know he’s right.

It is the real lack of “leadership” that is going on in the White House right now that is causing all these problems. Biden belongs to a nursing home and we all know that.

And this incompetence is a pattern set by Bumbling Joe and his incompetent comedy staff.

Look at what they have done in Afghanistan and Kovid … he has created complete chaos in both situations. And we should not be surprised. Joe Biden has been a political joke all his life and no one has ever taken him seriously.

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He walked around DC most of the time with his feet stuck in his mouth, and when he wasn’t talking nonsense, he was lined up in his and Hunter’s pockets.

The man is the butt of his own joke, despite a tragic lifelong failure and the gift given to him on a silver platter.

I’m glad Melania let him get it and can’t wait to see the rest of the interview.

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