[VIDEO] Meet the new “face” of CNN’s Honest Report … he dropped the truth

The new owners of CNN have promised change, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but they’re actually delivering.

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Now, I’m not saying it’s really some “fair minded” network right now.

Let’s not go crazy …

But what I am saying is that there is a significant difference in their report.

And one guy is keeping an eye on Harry Antenna.

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He’s CNN’s senior political writer and analyst, and Harry is throwing hard truth bombs all over the place, and no one on CNN is covering his face and running for cover.

It’s weird to see the revelation.

Harry Anderson went to Cooper’s show and went ahead to crucify Joe Biden and his policies and sued that the interim term would be a political bloodbath for Dames.

I kept waiting for Anderson’s head to pop off, but it didn’t happen.

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CNN still has a long way to go in reporting the truth, and for many, no matter what CNN does, they will never be forgiven for spreading so much false news and helping to destroy this country.

I understand it, and I understand that feeling.

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For me, I can never be a CNN viewer, but the way I look at it is like this: CNN was a weapon for the regime, and if we can weaken that weapon or take it away completely, it’s better for our cause, so , For that reason, I hope they have succeeded in turning a new page.

H / T Citizen Free Press

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