[VIDEO] Maxine Waters has just been called to a nationwide uprising

So much so that “democracy” was trying to save Dames …

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I guess all the patriots are going out the window talking nonsense, now they are crazy for SCOTUS rule in Row vs. Wade.

As you probably know by now, the conservative-led SCOTUS has slammed the shameful 50-year-old federal law and sent ‘abortion’ decisions back to their states.

More news: Pelosi Rowe vs. Wade can’t utter a lie about the decision.

And as you can imagine, the left is having a huge meltdown on it.

It has gotten so bad that the left is becoming terribly “rebellious.”

Mad Max, who has just passed out on Covid, stands outside the Capitol, telling Americans to ignore the scout’s verdict and do whatever they want.

He is literally inciting a revolt against the law and order structure of our country.

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I think we need an official “24 June Committee” to investigate Mad Max as soon as possible!

You can watch the video below:

So, let me put it bluntly … it’s not right for Americans to hang around the Capitol with fanny packs and flags, but for a sitting congresswoman to literally “cancel” the whole SCOTUS just because she doesn’t like a verdict?

Is it working that way now and do we call it “fair?”

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Is Dames so worried that this “democracy” is being preserved and preserved?

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