[VIDEO] Mark Levine says throw Pelosi in the leg iron and throw him in jail

What Demra is doing to Shyam this latest 6th January will come back to haunt them.

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I promise you, the American people, who are struggling to pay for gas and food, will not pay attention to what happened a year ago, where the chalk count fax machine was vandalized.

The worst thing that happened on January 6 was that an innocent, unarmed Trump supporter was killed by a gang of police in Pelosi, but you don’t hear about it and you certainly don’t hear about Ray Apps, the man who encouraged everyone to go to Capitol countless times in the video, but Oddly enough, he was never arrested.

This is their last attempt to oust President Trump and demonize those who support him.

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It’s annoying to watch, and no one is sicker by it than Fox News host Mark Levine, and he unloaded Nancy, her drunken husband, Chuck Schumer, and the entire Communist gang.

Mark Levine went to the 6-minute tire on Wednesday night at the behest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Nancy, what did you do on January 6? Can we see your writing? Can we see your email? Can we view your documents? Can we talk to your staff under the penalty of lying? “He asked.” If you do not respond, we may handcuff you and iron your legs and throw you in jail with your husband, the drunk. “

Pelosi will “never be questioned because Liz Cheney gave her the cover,” Levin said.

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When will we hear about how Joe Biden killed 13 Americans in Afghanistan, or how BLM and Antifa spent 3 months burning American cities, Kamala Harris and other Dams rioters released from prison?

The Americans are tired of this and we can see through this political game.

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Why don’t these political hacks stop with theatrics and use the millions they spend on a fake show and help struggling Americans?


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