[VIDEO] Maggie says Hannity released a Pelosi / Cheney-style “January 6th

If you’re a Trump supporter, you should know that no one tells you that criticizing patriotic Americans for attending the Jan. 6 rally is a big no-no.

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There were over 100,000 people at that event, which was mostly peaceful on all accounts.

Yes, there was an explosion, but given the number of people who were there, it was rather quiet… and most of the people inside the Capitol were invited by the police and were very respectful and behaved like tourists.

The only horrific incident in which unarmed Trump supporters have been killed by police.

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So, it is wrong to call someone at the event “bad” in any way, and it is a bad, secret tactic used by the left.

But many MAGA supporters say that Shawn Hannity did just that when he ran this bizarre hit on Cathy Burnett.

He made it sound like Kathy, walking down the street next to some proud boy, made him a “bad” or “suspicious” person.

This is Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney-level thing.

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Now, I want to make a point here that I think is fair …

Many conservatives who oppose Cathy Burnett’s primary victory, including Trump, worry that he will not be able to defeat the General.

I understand that many online MAGA people support him, but the concern is that MAGA is not a big part of that particular district, so it can be very difficult for him to win there.

PA politics can be “weird”. In some areas, MAGA does not resonate like other red areas.

I understand – I’m from Utah, and I know MAGA doesn’t resonate in some areas there.

And the left, those who are absolutely wicked, will kill him well, and some think that there is a lot of “material” to work with them.

It’s a concern, and I think it’s okay to talk about it and debate the issue.

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However, this should be done without pushing the leftist “January 6” talking points.

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Hannity is dealing with a big “MAGA” problem right now, and although I know she’s not a “Barnett” supporter, I think it’s important to find a better way to argue with your statement, especially when you’re already in a huge doghouse base. Part.

Just my two cents …

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