[VIDEO] Look at the face of Don Lemon trying to explain the KJP fumble and bumble

At first, I was shocked when Don Lemon even asked this question to Karin Jean-Pierre.

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This is probably the most honest “reporting” this stupid liberal fool has ever done.

But I don’t think I should be surprised.

It is rumored that CNN top-brass called Lemon, Acosta and Stelter into a room and told them they had one last chance to prove they were professional and bipartisan, or had been fired.

And it looks like Don Lemon might be trying to hold on to his job because he actually put the KJP in the hot seat on this question and he has revealed one of the most crunchy-worthy salads in the world that you can see.

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I think even Orange would be proud of it, and you can see the look of confusion on Don Lemon’s face as the KJP runs:


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That was hard to see. Here’s what people are saying online:

“This dumb man holding the title of press secretary.”

“Say whatever you want about Jane Saki, but she was a very good liar. This woman is now amateur hours haha”

“Oh my God, I’m starting to think that Jean-Pierre’s unconscious may have more irrational circular dialogue than Orange Harris …”

“In order to do this, we have to be in a good economic condition, which we are in now” wtf Do these people live in the world ??? “

“Did he get any public speaking tips from Kamala?”

“What did he say? I need a translator to understand these stupid balls. I’ve heard drunks make good sense.”

“When you know your dirty talk but get nervous to shut up.”

“If he can’t read his answers, he’s sounding like his boss Dementia Joe.”

“The Biden administration is full of the dumbest of us.”

“God they are all fools”

I’m starting to think that Biden is not an admin Purposefully Trying to destroy America, they are so incredibly stupid that they can’t help themselves.

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Some of these are really, really, really dumb people.

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