[VIDEO] Lauren dances after her cowboy hat and after all Dame and Rino

Lauren Boebert just gave Dames and Rhino a lot to cry about when she won her primary in a landslide blowout.

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Left and GOP came together to take Rino Loren.

The candidate contesting against him in the GOP primary was a tried and true Rhino.

Dames voted in the primary to try to tip Rhino.

More news: The Secret Service has just dropped a new MOAB on the committee on January 6th

The Colorado Sun reported that thousands of Democrats changed their party affiliation to give a ballot in favor of the quorum in the GOP primary, apparently, according to state voter records and news reports, but that was not enough to oust Boebert.

It was epic backfire, and Lauren won big, as we all hope she will.

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You can watch the video below:

I’m telling you, the only way Dames can win is to cheat.

The duration and end of the story.

Collecting ballots or changing their political affiliations, it’s all cheating or trying to “play the system”.

Why can’t their anti-MAGA guy win his own qualifications and so-called winning message?

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Moving like this initial thing further proves that 202o was a mesh.

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