[VIDEO] Kamala has proved that she is the only person in America who communicates worse

Can you imagine being a worse communicator than Joe Biden?

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Seriously, what kind of fake-dragger do you have to be to get that disgraceful Monica?

Okay, just ask Orange Harris, because to be honest, he’s worse than Bumbling Joe, and here’s why:

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Joe has an excuse.

He has oatmeal for his brain, and can’t put together a single sentence to save his life … What’s Kamala’s excuse?

This woman is constantly hearing reports that she is in 7th grade, reporting a book that she has never read.

It’s terrible beyond belief, and he has no excuse.

He’s young, he’s educated, and he’s been in politics and / or public service for most of his life.

So what?

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Why, after all, Kamala still says things like this:

That’s too bad, isn’t it? Who is writing this speech for him? I can’t believe his staff let this rubbish out.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“What’s going on with this woman?” It’s getting worse as the days go by. “

“Is this the Biden replacement?” AH. We are in trouble. “

“When you have an essay with a word limit”

Later # Orange Having finished his vice presidency, I really hope he will remain in the public domain in one form or another. He is lowering the threshold for all of us. When I listen to him, I really believe I deserve to be president. “

“How many words are in his vocabulary? I bet you can count them with both hands. “

“If he’s this stupid now, wait until he loses his mind like Dementia Joe.”

“We have sh * t for VP’s brain”

“So what is he saying that the children of the community are the children of the community? Got it. “

Another unnecessary word from orange is salad… I haven’t seen anyone say that much, but it means nothing.

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Her “status” would be interesting if it weren’t so annoying that we’re all working on this insane clown show.

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