[VIDEO] Judge Jeanine Kamala has reached the heart of Harris’ real problem …

There’s been a lot of talk about Orange Harris, mostly because he’s such a jerk.

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But most of us are missing out on Kamala’s main problem নয় it’s not her insecurity or her world salad… as Judge Jinnah says, it’s worse than that.

And speaking of Judge Jinain and Kamala, “The Five” recently discussed, and Judge Kamala drilled to the very heart of the problem, and he nailed it …

Judge Jinain said Kamala’s biggest problem was that she was lazy.

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Yes, bright, and true, judge, but not enough people can catch it.

Think about it … Kamala is so lazy that she refuses to read her briefings, and that’s why she seems so ignorant about almost everything.

And although he has been relentlessly criticized in this regard, he cannot inform or educate himself on this subject.

This lady is really lazy …

“Look, it’s here. Do you think that as a prosecutor the woman will understand that if our money is going to corrupt the Central American government, and she is given the responsibility with the idea of ​​finding out the root causes of immigration, she will do exactly what you want her to do. I’m talking about Jesse. That is common sense. But this woman is lazy. He is a lazy man. He doesn’t want to focus on his message, he doesn’t want to get out of there, “said Piro.

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Judge Zinein is right, and what’s really scary is having a so-called “leader” who is lazy and can’t be bothered … everything just starts to break down, and people keep playing catch-up all the time.

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But I think it’s actually deeper than that… I think Kamala is acutely aware that she’s going over her head and is probably driven by “fear” rather than actual laziness.

I think he’s terrified.

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