[VIDEO] Joe Rogan discussed the “hidden body double” theory after they noticed it

As you know, Joe Biden fell off his bike while still standing.

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It takes a certain kind of weakness to break it while standing without doing anything, isn’t it?

The pedal got stuck. His motor skills are shot.


Speaking of weaknesses, we’ve seen Joe’s health plummet over the past year – physically and mentally.

He looks terrible.

I don’t know if any of you are old enough to remember Tim Conway, but he was a great comedian and a regular on the Carol Burnett show. He played a character called “The Old Man” and that character is very close to real life Joe Biden.

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Take a second to watch this short clip:

Biden no longer moves fast.

He is uncertain when he is walking. She becomes random and seems very hesitant at every step.

She shows her age and more every bit.

You don’t look at Joe and say, “Of course, he’s 79, but he’s in his 60s.”

No, you say, “Of course, he’s 79, but he’s in his 90s.”

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So, after watching Jocke “biden shuffle” day after day all over DC, seeing him suddenly look like Lance Armstrong on a bicycle is really weird, full of toned, fit body.

And that’s what the folks at the Joe Rogan Podcast noticed and gave a brief discussion of the “body double” theory.

You can watch the video below:

In the end, the Rogan gang agrees that Joe Biden did indeed fall – basically, because how could a “body double” be such a clout?

But I think the point they made about Joe’s fit and athletic appearance was a good one because I thought to myself when I was watching the first fall clips.

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It’s weird how “Delaware Joe” always seems so much more active and defeated than the slow, cautious, very weak-looking Joe. We all see randomness around DC.

Is it the fresh air of the beach that makes Joe suddenly feel 10 years younger? 3

Something to think about, I guess.

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