[VIDEO] Joe Biden Kripili embraces the Argentine president’s girlfriend

Joe Biden is an out-of-control feminist creep who can’t control himself on the world stage while standing next to his wife.

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Here’s what happened: Joe Biden was very close to the girlfriend of Argentine President Alberto Fernandez.

He held her hand, and did not want to let go যখন when he was finally released, he actually went back and began to touch her again… and it was all going on in front of his wife, Jill Biden.

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It was so bizarre and surprising that the local press called it “weird.”

Oh, yeah, thinking ??

Here is what the El American editor told his more than 75 Twitter followers: Then he started touching her again. “

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“She clearly feels like she’s being given a welcome gift.”

“It’s just embedded in his DNA. Who is he

“No wonder she didn’t try to bring him in and sniff well.”

“The cameraman really knows, Biden doesn’t know. It’s amazing. “

“Does he know he’s an adult?”

“Dear God, man has a zero filter!”

“… old Joe never changes! … lol”

“I used to deal with it all the time when I was working in a nursing home.”

“Dirty old man.”

“Creeper alert”

“She is OK. She was just a beautiful girl. I don’t think he really knows what’s going on. “

“Biden’s wife Jill and the Argentine president’s girlfriend are both blondes and both are dressed in white. Old Joe is confused again, or is he a dirty old fairy. Ha ha ha ”

“What a pervert! She can’t stay away from him! ”

Imagine what the press would do if President Trump did that… they wouldn’t even say a peek about Biden, meanwhile, the American people and the rest of the world saw it and cried.

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Joe Biden needs help. She should be in a nursing home without pretending to be “president.”

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