[VIDEO] Joe Biden has just created a so-called “omnivorous” Freudian slip

It seems that the lower the number of Joe’s votes, the more insane he will be.

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His handlers don’t care what the American people think.

If they do, they will look at the vote and say, “Let’s re-adjust it and come up with a new way …”

They don’t and the reason is simple: they are not here for you. They are here for themselves and their communist agenda.

And they know they have a limited amount of time to install their trash and they’re not letting some stupid “approval rating” stop them.

So, as I said, Joe is going crazy because his votes are flowing down the toilet drain… it’s gotten so bad that he can’t cover the “radical stuff” even if he tries.

It oozes out like slim.

More news: Internet recalls last year’s orange offensive #MemorialDay tweet

This is what happened on #MemorialDay, when Biden was discussing “democracy” he had quite a Freudian slip.

Here is what Joe said: “Democracy is not perfect. It’s never been better … perfect. “

You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“Biden is no longer hiding his and Obama’s real agenda. This is again 2009-2016. Just bad. “

“Congress should stop giving Americans speeches about guns. The mentally ill president of the United States has the biggest gun to protect him. ”

“Freud, Party of 1 …”

“FFS stops him talking, please … this is madness.”

“When a confused man speaks the truth!”

“Alzheimer’s a bitch ……”

“We are a constitutional republic”

“I try to stay away from politics but this burden makes me sick. I remember the men and women who fought and / or died for our constitution today. “

Trust me, Joe doesn’t think democracy is “good.” And no, not even after Trump broke down the gate.

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Now, all bets are off, and globalist politicians have declared a “war” on the American people and everything we’ve been founded on … all so that they can gain more power and more pockets.

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