[VIDEO] Joe Biden had no idea he could make Americans urinate this badly, but he did

Joe Biden “Don’t drink it.”

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This man was really an intelligent politician in those days. But the years have not been kind to Joe, and he has lost his hair and his mind – literally.

At least before, when he tried to break away from the middle class and tear them apart, he would do so with a smile on his face and a lie in his heart. Nowadays, he doesn’t even bother with that step… he just goes to the necks of the working class and cuts deep.

But where Joe really lost his mark, the American people and the country as a whole are falling. We are not ready for any “electric car overhaul” anywhere. We need to build value-added infrastructure year after year and how to transform and plan everything else, and we need to see if the American people want it.

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Also, we’re still using fossil fuels to charge electric cars, so what’s the point?

But Joe and his handlers can’t wait for that. They need to enrich their friends “green business” as soon as possible.

That’s why Joe is putting the pain of this gas on all Americans … and he admits it here … and believe me when I say, he never realized how much he could urinate on the American people …

Here’s what Bumbling Joe said: “When it comes to gas prices, we’re going through an incredible change.”

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You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Politically, no matter which way you go, it will bother you.”

“Joe Biden must be defeated. Lots. “

“For this guy and the one pulling his strings

“I’m so crazy I can put out the fire right now.”

“I voted for this fool and I’m sorry, and I want to get Trump back, please.”

“Change is the destruction of the economy”

“The high price is a feature, not a bug, in the Democrats’ plan to destroy America.”

“It simply came to our notice then. The old fool admitted it. ”

“Anyone who voted for this donkey is not an apology … I’ll stop so I don’t have to be suspended again.”

“Biden says record-high gas prices were planned?”

“Incredible transformation” sounds as horrible as “fundamental transformation,” which is a cunning way for the Dames to say that they are deliberately destroying America. “

“It doesn’t matter if they destroy us or not, it’s unrealistic. We need real help from the American people.”

“Biden is deliberately raising the price of gas, thinking he can force poor, middle-class Americans to buy electric cars.”

“You’re a liar … all Democrats are liars.”

If you listen closely, you will actually hear Joe’s vote drop … like the turds in the toilet.

Keep fighting and be happy he said this dumb thing.

We will win.

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