[VIDEO] Joe Biden caresses the young girl’s cheeks intently as he shows up

Here’s a public service announcement: If you’re a man, any man, please don’t touch other people’s children unless their parents give you permission.

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If you’re a creepy, shaky old man with a sketchy / distorted past, please don’t touch any kids, no matter what, Joe.

I don’t know why Joe Biden can’t restrain himself from introducing and touching the private spaces of young children (mainly girls).

He won’t stop doing it, even though it makes Americans feel uncomfortable, telling me he can’t stop himself, and that’s a big problem.

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And it just happened again.

While signing today’s executive order for police reform, Joe Biden was seen inappropriately and rather intimately caressing the face of a young girl and touching her side while she was standing there, really uncomfortable.

Here is what former WH public relations officer Steven Cheung said in a tweet:

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You can watch the video below: “What in the world is Joe Biden doing with this little girl ?? The video comes from today’s executive order to sign police reform at the White House.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Well at least she’s naked and don’t whip her. Still. “

“The funny thing is that Al Sharpton returns all the kids to Tawana Brawley.”

“Mr. Wandering Hands, he never learns what’s appropriate!”

“It’s as awful as hell.”

“It’s not 2022 Joe, 1972, we don’t do these things nowadays.”

“Stop touching the kids, you’re crazy!”

“Why should we see Biden treating little girls inappropriately?”

“Brandon gets straight on a baby”

“This young woman must be in an awkward situation by Joe.”

“What are these old men doing? Her activities tell you that she is in an uncomfortable situation. “

“He touched her twice, probably three times. Brush her cheeks once on the side (probably) once on her chest (w / pointer finger) and then on the back of her finger. Then Sharpton has to keep him steady.


A room full of horrible old men is clutching a young girl like a slab of flesh.

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It just doesn’t get grosser than that.

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