[VIDEO] Jill has learned the hard way that she must always be in the midst of “striking.”

Joe’s # 1 handler mistaken a bone head.

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She thought she could stand more than an arm’s length away from her confused husband.

What was he thinking?

Apparently, he wasn’t, because Joe Biden, when he’s left on his own device without being connected to his teleprompter, would create a bigger mess of things.

Jill, who usually lives next to Joe and is within “injury distance”, stopped playing during a recent trip to a school.

If I hadn’t told you that this clip was recent, you’d look at it and think it’s 2021, because of all the masks… but if you don’t know, Demra is pushing covid hysteria again.

They really want to vaccinate young children and set up that “mail-in ballot” for 2022.

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And as usual, a mask-up Joe Biden waits until he really gets close to people and then takes off his mask.

dEmOCrAt sCiEnCe

But his comments about the CDC really raised eyebrows.

It turns out that Biden doesn’t really understand how the CDC works, as he points out to his cowardly response director, Dr. Jha, and introduces him to the crowd that the man is basically “running the CDC” for him.

Well, no, that’s not true.

The director of the CDC is Rochelle Welensky, and Dr. Jha is not running the CDC, “basically” or otherwise.

More cowardly confusion from Joe Biden.

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You can watch the video below:

What a confusing Joe.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“It simply came to our notice then. Nothing makes sense. It’s intentional. “

“Yeah sure this dummy got more votes than Barack Obama.… No Covid, No BS Mail-In Ballot has been counted till Thanksgiving and this idiot is not sitting in the Oval Office feeding pigeons in the park.”

“Joe Biden has no idea what’s going on. It’s a pity. “

“Dementia is in its later stages. Joe is still disgusting and dangerous. “

“How much does it cost to be muscleless? Are masks the new chain of Democrats? “

“The idiot keeps pulling his mask!”

“Rochelle is useless, but at least give her the credit for her uselessness, remembering that you hired an unknown idiot!”

“She is OK. And he’s with the kids again.

“Joe doesn’t know why he’s actually wearing a mask and he doesn’t even know his staff. Who runs the F White House? ”

And when it did come down, Jill Biden stood too far to push or push him.

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He kicks himself thinking he might be too far away from Joe in Senile.

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