[VIDEO] Jesse Waters mentions something very interesting about Paul Pelosi

Imagine if they were hiding something about Paul Pelosi’s drunk driving arrest?

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Well, it’s easy to imagine, because, of course, they’re hiding stuff.

But what they’re hiding may not be what you think … Let’s not forget, Nancy Pelosi was out of town the night her husband was arrested in the Napa Valley.

Based on some information published in a New York Times report, Jesse Waters has a new theory that Mr. Pelosi was not alone in his car that night.

Now, if true, we can guess who his wife was with him when he was out of town … hmm … maybe a “lady friend?”

Is that why they won’t release dashcam or bodycam footage of the arrest?

Because they don’t want to embarrass Nancy?

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Jesse points to a New York Times story that details the arrest.

The part reveals that Paul Pelosi had recently undergone cataract surgery.

Okay, so this guy was driving a high-powered sports car not only in his 80s, drunk, but now we’re learning that he had eye surgery?


The Times Peace explains what a rotten driver Pelosi was all his life. In the 70’s, Pelosi overturned her car with Nancy and their kids.

And don’t forget, when Paul was 16, his bad driving caused his brother to die.

But here’s where the story gets really interesting. It can be said that the piece was one Witness Accident and “sympathy” for Paul Pelosi in this area.

“Where did the roadside witness come from?” Waters was surprised … Jesse thinks the man was in the car …

So, who was it?

Could it be a matter?

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This will be my first guess … his wife is gone, he is drinking Napa, showing his new Porsche and so on.

I mean, it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Waters said police declined to confirm or deny anyone was in the car with him.

Waters said the sheriff, who was at the scene, I knew He refused to say if there was anyone in the car.

Everyone is tight on this story.

But Jesse says if they don’t provide the information, his team will take them to court to get it.


This is a classic situation of Pelosi Liberal privilege.

Nancy will use her power to cover up something that will make her look bad.

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It’s our job to make sure he doesn’t succeed and to reveal all the dirty laundry he’s trying to bury.

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