[VIDEO] It’s interesting to see what President Trump does 1-minute ago

This video clip is interesting.

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It’s very interesting to see how President Trump shakes up (in a good way) with optics and how things “look” and appear.

This is not surprising though.

President Trump is a master at marketing and showmanship and he understands the importance of branding.

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That’s why this 1 minute clip is so interesting.

We see how he focuses on even the smallest things like a glass of water and a side table and how these two things will appear to people and how they will look on camera.

In this clip you peeked behind the scenes.

You can see what Trump does just 1 minute before the interview camera rolls.

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You can watch the video below:

What really makes me different is how kind he is to the guy working for him, “Nick”.

President Trump is soft-spoken and very nice, because he tells Nick to do something for him.

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There was a funny “peek” behind this screen.

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