[VIDEO] It is almost impossible to find a random biden supporter in a busy city

It’s hard to find someone who likes Joe Biden.

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And you think there will be a party of people like him, since he got an estimated 81 million legal votes, right? I mean, math alone would work for him… yet, oddly enough, Joe Biden’s supporters are like tracking Big Foot in the wild.

Of course, you have heard stories of the existence of these people, but you never see them in reality.

The situation on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans is dominated by independent journalists and podcasters. Flakes Trying to find someone who really likes Joe Biden.

It’s hard to say.

More news: Biden’s new “Ultra Maga Attack” turns out to be a 6-month secret “research project” LOL

Flix had such a hard time finding anyone who liked Joe Biden, even Democrats, that at one point people became angry at him for thinking he was a “Biden supporter.”

That’s how many people don’t like Joe, and you can’t blame them. Her policies are a mess and she looks like she should be in an old age home.

My favorite was the young black man holding his cigarette, calling Trump “The Got” – the best of all time.

Amen, sir.

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You can watch the video below (marked with the same 43:42):

Here’s what people had to say online:

“These must be tourists, Nola votes for a liberally relaxed and constantly garbage politician, just look at the mayor, the DA, the police chief and the city council. No one deserves a curse. “

“Has anyone seen white friends arguing” gas pipeline? Antifa type. “

“Eventually he found a soy boy who liked him because he was twisted. Although 61 million votes. “

“Only the women who defended him wanted to see his country collapse because of his hatred of Trump and because he lost to two drunken rivals.”

“Trump won a landslide. They cheated. The duration and end of the story.”

Does anyone really believe at the moment that Joe Biden has won 81-million legal votes?


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