[VIDEO] Is CNN trying to be “real news” again? There are many thoughts in this clip

Well, for the record, I don’t have much faith that CNN will become some “light of truth” under their new ownership.

I think whatever it is, in this age of crazy leftist comedians, there will always be political bias and an agenda in the media.

However, with that being said, I think we’re going to see some pretty big changes coming from CNN, and that’s mainly because they were in such a sewer-low position that whatever they do to make themselves better would look like a huge improvement. .

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So, that said, I’m this Jack Tapper / Dr. Death Fawcett interview clip.

This is amazing because it is bold, truthful and does not allow Biden to hook up at all – in fact, it looks like a two-bit liar plotting the White House that we all know is true.

And it’s quite significant for CNN to do so, especially with the likes of Tapper and Fawcett – two completely fake news spin artists who happily finger the Democrat line.

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But don’t get me wrong … this is not a CNN “complement”.

It’s just pointing out their new agenda and how they will desperately try to win the hearts of the audience.


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So, I think there are some specific “effects” from the new owners right now, and this clip shows a “slow turn” to report * some * real news.

This does not mean that they will stop reporting their favorite fake news – but I think we will see more real things, and I think it is a small victory.

If anything, it’s fun to see Jake Tapper and Fausy have to repeat the real truth for once in their sad lives, and you know Joe and his comic clan aren’t happy about any change to the “real” news.

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So, for now, we’ll call it “win.”

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