[VIDEO] In this clip, actor Rob Snyder thinks that they are intentionally making a ৷

New World Order.

Great reset.

Liberal World Order.

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We’ve gone through a few names, but it seems the cosmopolitans have finally settled on their official names, and now, it’s full-steam ahead.

Of course, fact-checkers will call you a cue-cook or a “conspiracy theorist” if you suggest that there is a New World Order, or a “Great Reset” or a Liberal World Order, although the Left is the name of the band.

According to “fact-checkers”, the elites are not working together to create a “One World Order” by applying their climate religion to all sections of society.

That’s stupid.

Racist orthodoxy, why would you think something so offensive?

It’s all that they’re actually doing, isn’t it?

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Oh, are they really doing everything?


And a big part of the “green new covenant” that globalists are trying to put around our necks is to limit (end) the use of meat, especially beef.

According to the AOC, cattle are very “non-green” for maintenance, processing and packaging.

So, as a result, they have relaunched their campaign to take everyone on board with bug eating.

What a wonderful time …

We are now being told that we are at the beginning of a global food shortage, thanks to the “war” in Ukraine and soon, bugs may be the only protein we have …

The timing is very interesting… so much so that actor Rob Snyder is convinced that something else is happening.

Especially after he watched this “bug-eating” clip that just aired on CBS.

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Here is what Rob said in his tweet: “I am sick of all these conspiracy theories. The next thing you are going to say is that they are trying to create a food shortage to force us to eat bugs! What are you waiting for ?! “


Here’s what people are saying online:

“They are conditioning everyone to fall. All the bugs you are going to be able to eat. They want to make you hungry. “

“Watch celebrities eat bugs so you think it’s great and then you’ll want to eat bugs too. Hint – Global Elite wants you to eat bugs and engineered fake meat because they think you’re a” useless eater “who uses all their resources.”

For decades the Left has unresolved solutions to 2 imaginary problems is to “intervene” in irreversible climate variability and population control (eugenics). It is a coincidence that centralized control and individual freedom need to be limited. Not “a coincidence”.

“I will not eat bugs. I will not live in Pode. I won’t take the job. I will not give up my gun. “

“I won’t eat your bizarre bugs. You’re a cosmopolitan madman.”

“Bug normalization continues fast.”

“Another day, another blackmailed celebrity shilling to bug her small audience. “

“Because Marxists hate you and their agenda wants to hate you for worms.”

“Even the insects we’re forced to eat are Chinese products.”

Well, one thing I can tell you is that if it ever comes and we are “forced” to eat bugs, farmers will only eat grasshopper omelettes.

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The elite who came up with this bug idea will still have piles of sausage and bacon inside their fluffy omelette.

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