[VIDEO] In this 11-second clip from Madrid, Joe explains exactly why a cue card is needed

Okay, another trip, another disaster … Joe Biden looked like a foreign old fool.

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He was on the world stage for the G7 summit and other “globalist” meetings where all the shortcomings came together to discuss how to implement the “New Liberal Order”.

Of course, Joe was half of it the whole time… and that’s not all I’m saying.

Sky News has called Joe in Madrid for his “stumbling and pushing”.

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Again, the foreign press is doing what the US press will not do: speaking the truth.

As you probably know by now, Joe tends to have trouble finding his way from the stage.

We’ve seen it happen often. He looks around, seemingly lost, wandering around in circles and calling out to his handlers, “Where am I going?”

Chances are, he’s going the wrong way when he asks for help and he has to turn around and turn the other way.

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Well, it happened again in Madrid, where Joe tried to get out quickly, energetically, but couldn’t find his way and had to ask for help on which way to go.

What an embarrassing situation.

Now, we can see why Joe needs that cue card, right?

Joe Biden gives detailed instructions for taking a seat on the cheat sheet, leave a comment for 2 minutes  news.com.au - Australia's top news site

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“She should have been lost in Spain – and her talk of denying Philibuster for a runaway and much-publicized abortion vote is pure anarchy. Let this insulting puppet become a lesson to Democrats and MSM to stack and dishonor an incompetent presidential candidate.” This country has paid a heavy price. ”

“She’s very embarrassing.”

Some of this is bad progress. The ins and outs should have been clear before he started. Many employees have responsibilities for this. Repeatedly this kind of passive-aggressive behavior – confusing him in public – annoys even the staff. LGB “.

“Which way is Joe going? Down … straight down.

“He was confused before, during and after the speech!”

“This explains the indicator card that says take your seat”

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Someone needs to add a note to the cue cards: “You go left when you leave the stage”

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