[VIDEO] Ilhan Omar apparently shuddered as he was brutally budged by 10K Somalis on MN

What does it feel like to be bothered by more than 10,000 people at once?

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Well, Ilhan Omar had just found out in Minnesota when he was present at a huge concert performed by Somali singer Soldan Serra.

The crowd not only scolded him, they chanted “Get out” and “Get the F * K out”.


Ilhan is not popular among his own people … that says a lot, doesn’t it?

Omar is feeling very uncomfortable on the stage.

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He’s trying to make that awkward “laugh thing”, but you can tell he’s visibly shaken by the overwhelming negative reaction from the crowd.

What Congress is optimistic about here Shukri Abdirrahman, who is running to oust Omar, sHelp about a tweet event:

“Ilhan Omar’s Bud by About 10,000 Somalis at the highly anticipated Somali Music Concert, sold at the Target Center in Minneapolis! That’s what she gets for trading her divine, conservative values ​​for sinful LGBTQIA and pornographic abortions. “

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You can watch the video below:

LeftismForU account also shared a clip and said:

“Ilhan Omar performed on stage at a concert featuring Somali singer Soldan Serra in Minnesota last night. The crowd shouted “Get out!” Said the slogan. And shouted “Get out of here!”

Clearly, Somalis are not part of the “awake” crowd and they do not appreciate the generous decline of Ilhan Omar.

Also, Ilhan is accused of marrying her brother and she also cheated on her husband and divorced him.

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These are not the “values” that his religion promotes and those 10K people wanted to make sure he knew it

Ilhan Omar’s little progressive bubble was popped by his own people, and it couldn’t have happened with a more worthy scumbag.

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