[VIDEO] If Joe thinks his bike is bad enough to fall, this 14-second clip will hit

I still remember the first time I saw Biden just before Dame 2020 started. I was amazed at how old he was in just four years.

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He certainly wasn’t Spring Chicken in 2016, when he was stumping for Hillary, but just a few years later, he looked 15 years older.

But it doesn’t matter to the handlers. They told us to ignore the false eyes and ears and to believe the myth that Joe Biden was a sprite, fit, mentally sharp, wise “grandfather” who would guide us beautifully through treacherous and bombarded waters.

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According to Handler, Joe was so energetic and caught fire in a house that America just had to learn to keep up with him.

Remember this irrational Malarki?

They even made a 2 minute ad about it.

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You must watch this crazy promotion:

Kim Jong-un will be thrilled with such propaganda, right?

He wants this kind of PR.

But excluding all the publicity and publicity, most of us knew the truth, but those who did not know it, those Americans who really thought they were choosing a sprite, fit, mentally sharp grandfather, were regretting some serious buyers.

It’s like ordering wagu beef and ending with a can of spam.

And to emphasize that fact, and to have some fun with Joe’s handlers’ insane propaganda, a Trump supporter took a 14-second audio from Joe’s infamous “Fitness” ad and dubbed it over most of it, um, clumsy moment.

It’s quite fun and very creative.

You can watch the video below:

It was great, wasn’t it? And a spot-on presentation of the truth.

It hates handlers and regimes the most … which we dare Notice How weak and intelligent their man is, and we have called it and ridiculed them.

We are the nerves of the humble peasants … Don’t we know our place?

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Remember, aristocrats hate nothing but ridicule … so keep it up.

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