[VIDEO] Hide your little girls! It’s “Biden Shark Week” on Delaware Beach.

Okay, this is “Biden Shark Week” in Delaware.

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Land shark Joe is trolling for little girls on the beach and in the morning, in bathing suits.

And sadly, he found some prey.

Eliza SchaeferA reporter for The Blaze, when he said, “Keep an eye on your kids or someone else will.”

That picture is particularly damaging after a quote from her daughter Ashley’s diary was leaked.

Ashley claims that she and her father took “inappropriate showers” together when she was younger, and she believes these showers make her too obscene and addicted to sex.

More news: Jill Biden makes things worse by pissing Americans struggling with her “Mary Antennae” move

Perhaps this crawl should now clear the little girls that she is about 80 years old?

God knows we’ve all seen enough.


As I said, she can’t stop herself … it’s just who she is, and it’s disgusting and offensive.

Okay, a very creative Trump supporter who goes with Handler. “Machiavelli Memes,The “smart and very true” came with the idea of ​​”Biden Shark Week”.

He put together this video of Joe trolling a beach in Delaware, looking for his next “meal.”

You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what people are saying online:

He is not politically stupid, while his brain works. But today’s biden either believes that all his loyal subjects love him or that he is only working on the lizard (shark?) Brain. “

“It looks like the girl in the green sweater grabbed Joe’s hand after the photo to get him out.”

“He confused her enough to stop the horrible biden from trying to kiss that little girl on the lips.”

“It simply came to our notice then. She knew in that look that he had succeeded. “

Ashley, wearing a green sweatshirt, grabbed Biden’s hand to confuse him. Seeing a father with a little girl must have evoked one or two memories. “

“She can’t help herself.”

“Did you see Joe pinch the skin on the back of the girl’s arm to get her in the snout range?”

“I think parents dedicate their children to pedosharks.”

“Absolutely disgusting. Parents should know better.”

“That little girl can’t get away from him fast. Tremble! ”

“It simply came to our notice then.

I’ve heard that Joe’s handlers “crab” him whenever he goes to the kids.

Rumors claim they tried to keep him away from the kids, and even told him to “leave”, but nothing worked … his physical will was too strong.

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This man is a monster.

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