[VIDEO] Have you seen the new “body scooping” robot? Many are wondering why this is

I watched this video clip online, and I thought it was too dystopian to watch.

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What would it be like to see a robot pick up a corpse, right?

This new device does just that – it carries corpses using a “conveyor belt” design.

I guess they marketed it for use in war zones, where it is very dangerous for real people to enter and retrieve corpses?

I hope so, anyway …

But when people saw it online, they came up with many other uses for it.

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You can watch the video below:

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This robot has talked a lot online:

“I want to know what happens to the body once inside the machine?”

“It was a wtf that opened my eyes but when I thought about it, it was no surprise that soon we would need robots to scoop up our dead chemtrail, chloride filled bodies.”

“What they don’t show you is the small green protein bar that comes out the other side.”

“Coming to a progressive town near you.”

“It was almost like a concept used on the battlefield and in dangerous areas like chemical or radiation leaks. You use remote robotics instead of sending people. “

“It’s a direct result of Monty Python’s” Bring Your Dead Out “joke

“It’s Silent Green”

“Some sign coming”

“Their plan to bring back the epidemic”

“Okay that some scary shit is right there … just WTH they are so far”

“I hope it’s an electric body scooper. Otherwise it would cost a lot more to operate and it would create a huge carbon footprint with millions of bodies that would have to be scooped up into Silent Green. “

“Maybe they’re hoping a lot of bodies will be picked up.”

“Notice it doesn’t test a pulse first before cleaning the body.”

Again, the public reaction to such things shows how much people around the world do not trust their government.

A crisis of mistrust is certainly happening, and instead of resolving it, governments are making matters worse by ignoring the issue and / or refusing to be open and transparent.

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This is one of the main reasons for many of our conspiracy theories.

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