[VIDEO] Gutfeld just got there … COVID has his new “tinfoil” statement

The Left and their parties label anything other than the standard “rule” as a “tinfoil” conspiracy theory.

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It doesn’t matter what you are talking about.

It could be Kovid, Ukraine or the 2020 election … If you do not repeat what the regime has declared as “true”, a force of fact-checkers will jump on you and swallow up any of your independent-thinking abominations. Dared to

This is exactly what happened when Greg Gutfeld deviated from the Governing Body’s discussion of Covid… when Greg suggested that Covid was man-made, and that the US government was probably involved in its creation, the fact-checkers came out of hell and devoured him. Spirit

Bizparreview reports that Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld says that although he believes COVID-19 may have come from a lab, no one will “hang on” to the death and destruction it has caused to Americans because the United States may be “collaborating” in its creation. Was. .

On Thursday, “The Five” gathered to discuss the loss of children and adults due to the Kovid lockdown.

“It’s important to remember that because it’s pushed out of the news cycle and Americans try to move forward, who did it to these kids, why their future was stolen, why the people in the nursing home had to die alone. It’s because of the Chinese Communist Party, “said panelist Katie Pavlich. “It’s because of the CDC, and because of the education and mental health crisis, it’s because of the teachers’ unions that have used this opportunity to raise a lot of money for American taxpayers.”

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This means, Pavlich continued, “that they are not spending and using schools to keep children and teachers safe and they have done it.”

“The CDC has worked with teachers’ unions to introduce policies to keep children masked, to keep schools closed,” he said. “We knew in May 2020 that the virus had primarily affected the elderly,” but Got a taste of power and has been doing it with kids for two years.

“So they are fully responsible and should be reminded that they did it for the country,” he said.

Gutfeld replied that the lack of accountability for death and the long-term damage caused by the COVID system “disturbs the mind.”

“Just to follow the idea of ​​responsibility, it still pushes the mind that we have come to the conclusion that, I think, it was a man-made virus, and no one will hang on to it,” he said. “I keep going back to it.”

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“If it was a war that killed one million Americans, what would we do?” He asked. “And I’m saying that like that, the United States could be involved. This benefit of function staff did not just pop up on its own. “


Naturally, the fact-checkers were ready to roll the word Greg II and sway with the regime’s “weight market / bat soup” theory, which is as true as Joe Biden winning 81 million legal votes. Here is an example:

Mediate quickly came up with an article that included a statement from the National Institutes of Health and a May 2022 quote from FactCheck.org stating, “It is not known how SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, originated. However, many scientists suspect that the virus has “spread” from animals to humans. There is no evidence that the virus was created in a lab, let alone as part of a US-funded study. “

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No one in the universe believes in this hui, and it is even more strange and doubtful that they push this nonsense so enthusiastically.

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