[VIDEO] GOP’s latest superstar Rip-Elect Flores has started his new job

The woman who rocked the entire Democrat Party is starting her new job as a congressional representative by insulting Kamala Harris.

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We love it!

Texas newly elected representative Mayra Flores has ousted Orange Harris, who now claims the ongoing disaster on the border is getting better.


No, it’s not good, it’s actually worse… but now that Demra has realized that “immigration” is a top 5 electoral issue, they are pretending that they really care about them and are not flooding the country with illegals.

All right, Moira can’t find anything …

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The Daily Caller reports that Republican Republican-elect Mayra Flores of Texas needed only three words when responding to Vice President Kamala Harris’s call for “progress” on the southern border on Thursday.

“She’s really useless,” Flores said. “I do not know why he is in this position. He is not here in South Texas to see what their policies are doing, the mess they are making in our country and their policies are harming real people. “

“Useless …” is a perfect word to describe this so-called “VP”.

Well, Moira.

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You can watch the video below:

This is a seat that Dames has held for 150 years.

It was their most “secure” seat, and it’s gone. It has been overturned by a young, Hispanic Republican.

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What a horrible picture for the Radical / Communist Democrat Party … they have lost the Hispanics, and now is almost time.

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