[VIDEO] Good Griff, another “hooper” about the KJP baby formula,

Is there anyone in the Biden administrator who is not a complete and complete dolt?

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Are there two people who can come together and rub a few active brain cells together and create a spark?

At the moment it is a complete and total SNL skit. These are some of the dumbest, most incompetent duffs I’ve ever seen.

And the crisis of these child formula deficits is heating up in a big scandal because these nitwits can’t tell the truth, not even keep their lies straight.

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We were told early on that Biden’s administrator had been on top of the nightmare of the child source since his return in February… which sounds absurd. How could they stay on top of it, and yet, it’s a huge mess, and American kids are now “hungry” … how does it work?

Well, it doesn’t work, and obviously, Joe Biden didn’t know about it until April when he issued the baby formula … “early April,” according to Joe.

It’s a big deal.

Firstly, it looks like someone is lying (again), and secondly, why was Biden not made aware of it before, as we had believed, and if he is not, then who is running the show?

And third, how could Joe not know about baby formula problems? Doesn’t he watch the news, go on social media or read a heinous paper? Shouldn’t he know what is happening in the United States and why no one is telling him?

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Okay, these are all legitimate concerns, but now, we have another problem …

When asked about this problem in today’s WH Pressure, Karin Jean-Pierre was really confused.

He has again changed the timeline of the child formula scandal.

When asked, he said Biden knew about it “late” April… so what would it be like? 3 weeks * about a month * after what Biden told us and about 3 months after what we were told first?

What’s going on here

You can watch the video below:

As the official WH spox, KJP should understand how important the “timeline” is.

The complete baby formula timeline is at the heart of this brewing scandal.

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We all lied from the beginning, and now, even when the truth comes out, we still can’t get a straight story about what Joe knew and when he knew it.

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