[VIDEO] Glenn Beck warns that Biden has found a loophole to “fundamentally transform”

So many people believe that if the right can take control of Congress then we can start saving the country.

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And while this may be true to a certain extent, and it helps our cause if we eliminate the power of the left, it does not actually solve our problem the way you think, because as always, the left has a “Plan B”. That they’re already rolling out.

You never thought they’d give up, didn’t they? I think you know better than that.

More news: In fact, with this move on January 5, Mike Pence has demonstrated just how deep the state reservoir doll he is.

They never give up, and conservative podcaster Glenn Beck not only finds out how the Left is “fundamentally transforming” the United States without the help of Congress, but he does it in a matter of minutes.

And when I say we need to get rid of the RINOs and get a Republican party with a backbone that will fight down the drain, that’s why Dames will never stop – they’ll always have a “Plan B”, so we Must be stronger and tougher.

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You can watch the video below:

Think about it – they change the whole system and in the next few years deepen their communist agenda so much that it will take decades to undo it.

This is how the left changes everything. This is how they make worms and push their twisted and failed agendas down our throats.

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They know we don’t want it, but they don’t care.

See what they’ve done so far, and see how it works.

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