[VIDEO] Glenn Beck reveals step by step why Hunter’s privacy is really all

There is a very good reason to ignore the media Hunter Biden laptop story for two unreasonable years.

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It’s not because they were trying to cover up for some crackhead, trust me. If they could, they would have thrown Hunter to the wolves long ago … that man has been nothing but a political thorn in Dams’ side for years now.

It wasn’t about Hunter. It’s always been about Joe.

And when the laptop was first introduced from Hell, everyone in Team Deep State, including Dames, the media, social media, the GOP Establishment, and other domestic and international globalists, circled the wagons around Joey. Not because they respected him and trusted him, but because they needed a puppet (with a virus) in their conspiracy to remove President Trump.

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So, why is it coming out after two years?

All right, the doll has fulfilled its purpose, and now she must go …

This brilliant part of Glen Beck goes through the whole plot with hard work and shows exactly how everything on that laptop is more about Joe than Hunter.

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You can watch the video below:

It’s all about Joe… and now that he’s accountable to Dames for his bad votes and old age, it’s time to get him out.

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Left will now use laptops from Midterm, GOP and Hunter to get rid of Bumbling Joe.

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