[VIDEO] George W. Bush has just created the century-old Freudian slip … the mask is

In the end, evil always manifests itself. The monsters come out of the closet and show themselves who they really are.

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And that is exactly what happened to the cosmopolitan and traitorous George W. Bush.

Through the Freudian slip, however, this warrior finally admits the truth.

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When he was lecturing at the George W. Bush Institute, he had a moment of clarity. Yes, he wanted to kill Putin (his longtime friend, however) and make him sound like a war-crazy monster, but in the end, George accidentally let go.

Look, in the darkest corner of GWB’s mind, he knows he’s as guilty as Putin, and has blood on his hands.

That’s why he added, “Well, Iraq too …” He knows, and it probably haunts him every day.

Here is what happened: “Former President George W. Bush:” One man’s decision to launch a completely unjust and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean Ukraine. “

Yes. The way to get yourself out, George …

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You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“He has the same kind of blood on his hands, the Americans he sent to kill, the slaughtered civilians, the Iraqi Christians who were abducted, raped and killed for it.”

“Give that guy a jolt. He’s down to Biden’s syndrome.”

“Clown World is crashing on all fronts”

“All the cosmopolitans are getting out. It’s glorious to see. ”

“The first one was a slip. “Well, Iraq, too, was an unforgivable confession of guilt.”

“He’s probably dying to say it.”

“They’re all war criminals who have been doing a lot of slip-ups lately.”

It is as if God Himself is unmasking and these ghosts have no place to hide.

Let’s hope it lasts … the truth will set everyone free.

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