[VIDEO] Friel Joe Biden fell again, this time trying to ride his bike

In their ongoing search to find Joe Biden a suitable and active man, the handlers are now trapping the poor old man on a bike and pushing him down the street.

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Yes, what could be wrong?

Well, a lot, actually …

Joe Biden, who recently climbed the stairs of Air Force One for a second humiliating period and who is losing his “mental well-being”, is also not doing very well in terms of physical well-being.

Biden is on another vacation back home… you know, Alzheimer’s patients prefer to stay in “familiar” places, so it’s no surprise that Joe goes home so often.

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But what about the irrational handlers who are so desperate for a “good photo option” for Joe that they dress this weak old man like Lance Armstrong and balance him on a bike?

So, what happens?

Okay, he must have fallen off his bike …

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It has been said through our media that Joe has just come up, in great spirits, and started laughing and laughing with the locals.

OK, sure bet:

Good lord, give it a little rest, you brokers.

Let’s face it – no matter what stunts the handlers pull, or no matter how hard they try to make Joe Biden feel like a sprite old boy, he’ll always be a marble-face / brain-brain-aged man. Should be in a nursing home, not the White House.

And if that bit of truth bothers you, I don’t really care.

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There are Americans who can’t afford groceries or gas, and can’t afford to rent because of this blabbering buffoon and his asin policy, so the time has come for us all to start speaking the harsh and ugly truth.

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