[VIDEO] Foreign politicians have been blown away by the movie “2000 Mules”

Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “2000 Moles” is doing better than anyone expected – and believe me, we were expecting a lot.

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The movie shocks people because it reveals what voting experts are saying Secret ballot collection scheme Which was used to steal the 2020 election.

The movie is making so much power and so much waves that they are also being felt abroad.

That’s right, our European friends are seeing what this hype is and what they are seeing is changing their minds and their attitudes towards the whole 2020 election.

Marcel de Graf, a Dutch politician and member of the European Parliament, and a German politician Niclaus Fest has both reviewed the movie and what they have said is very interesting.

Filmmaker Dinesh shared the review and asked everyone to watch it.

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Here is what Marcel de Graf said: “Marcel de Graf (FVD) and Nicholas Fest (AFD) are reviewing the recent screening of the document. # 2000 mule By @DineshesujaWhich reliably expresses the voter # Fraud In # Us The choice is ours # MEP Its implications for the election have been discussed # E u

Our friends at 100 Percent Fed Up, who did a great job reporting the 2020 fraud, were the first to highlight this story.

Here is what they said in their great part:

Germany’s largest patriotic party, Nicholas Fest, chairman of the parliament, and Marcel de Graf, a member of the European Parliament from the Forum for Democracy (FVD), watched the screening of “2000 Mules.” The two EU politicians discussed the impact of the “2000 Mules” movie in America as well as Europe in the following YouTube video. Here is a transcript of their discussion:

Marcel de Graf: The other day, we saw 2,000 mules. ‘ It is a documentary that provides striking evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election in the United States.
How credible do you think it is?

Niclaus Fest: They are going step by step and examining every possible denial of possible fraud. And I think they have made it clear that there is no way to suspect that this election has been rigged. So, I think it’s waterproof.

This is really tragic because if the leading Western democracy is not stupid if its election is no longer stupid, then we have a real problem here.

The documentary shows that voter fraud is really in balance, with election results tipping in Joe Biden’s favor.

Nicholas Fest: “I think we should take a closer look at the statistics. They claim what they claim, but I think it was very reasonable and credible, and I think there is a high probability that without this voter fraud, Joe Biden would not have been elected President of the United States, but Donald Trump would still be. Staying in office and this is a very worrying idea – not in the office that Trump will be in, but in the big western countries – in which the biggest western countries can manipulate the election.

We don’t really see a strong response from the U.S. federal government, but nonetheless, this movie was a big exposure. Millions of people watched.

Marcel de Graf: What are the consequences? What will it be like to have confidence in your government?

Nicholas Fest: Confidence is now shattered and shattered. It is not surprising that the Biden administration is doing nothing. They will somehow torpedo their own government. The problem with this electoral fraud is that the party that benefits from it will do nothing about it. “

I think the main problem is this voting by mail. You never know who actually filled out the form and who signed it.

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And this line is really bad for all of them: “I think it’s a high probability that without this voter fraud, Joe Biden would not have been elected President of the United States, but Donald Trump would still be in office.”

And here’s the video:

It’s really amazing when you think about how our own media and politicians will not touch this movie with 10-foot poles, but foreigners will.

Doesn’t that sound a little “suspicious” to anyone? Especially when the polls consistently show that most Americans believe that fraud has affected the 2030 election?

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Our media and GOP are both propaganda jokes.

Again, thank you 100 percent Fed Up for the good work!

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