[VIDEO] Elon Musk says he knows who the “real president” is … and it’s not Joe

I’ve always said that Joe Biden’s main problem – the one thing that pulls him the most – is his brain.

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Yes, his policies stink, and he’s a failure, and Americans are outraged at the economy, inflation, and more that Joe has done, but even if he changes, Joe will still have a broken brain, and whatever, Americans Never trust a man who is old and seeing and hearing that he should be in an old age home.

The media and most political pundits do not pay attention to this incident. They ignore Biden’s cognitive problems and pretend they don’t exist, and somehow think it will rub off on Americans.

If the eyes are hidden, the mind is hidden?

The problem is, none of this is out of sight.

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Americans see it every single day … Every time Biden opens his mouth, aging spreads. And while some of it is funny, most of it is sad and annoying, because we did not vote for it … a mentally ill, crippled, frail old man was placed, and as a result, this country and the American people are suffering. .

And while the media and most pundits won’t talk about it, the rest of us… and one person who’s been making a lot of news lately এল is Elon Musk and has a theory about who the “real president” is – and it’s not old age.

Elon thinks the real president of the United States is the man who controls Joe’s teleprompter … and he uses the movie “Anchorman” to make his point.

That sounds like my right.

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Here is what Elon said: “It’s hard to say what Biden is doing, openly. The real president who controls the teleprompter. The path of power is the path of the teleprompter.

You can watch the video below:

What do you think of Elon’s theory?

Here’s what people are saying online:

“I nailed it”

“This is incredible!”

“It’s funny because it’s true!”

“You may or may not like @elonmusk but he died with this comment.”

“We all see it … every day, we see it.”

“It’s ridiculous and scary at the same time because he’s not wrong.”

“Elon you spot on! Just be careful #crazy will get harder for you. Protect yourself. “

“Hey Joe, I’m just telling you how people really think about you …”

“Let’s go Brandon, I agree.”

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This is why Joe Biden’s votes are in the toilet – because Americans can clearly see without a shadow of a doubt that an Alzheimer’s patient is playing “Present President” and it is both sad and annoying.

And we deserve better than that.

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