[VIDEO] Ducie leaves Biden’s new press secretary muttering,


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It was not a good day for Biden’s new conspiracy theorist press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre.

He ran into a wall named Peter Dusie, and to be honest he was beaten a lot.

Here’s the problem for Tim Biden … Americans don’t think of this “fair share / eat rich” tax nonsense right now.

Americans want to find baby formula and be able to get chicken thighs again. It’s that simple.

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They want to stop gas emissions – it’s going to hit 5 5 a gallon soon, and they want to buy a used car and a house without selling one or two parts.

It’s ridiculous.

But the Biden administrator has no answer so they don’t want to talk about inflation and the child formula, so instead, they are trying to make people think they are fighting for “working class” people by eating this “fair share tax”. Nonsense.

First of all, everyone in the United States is extra taxed … and some rich people are paying more taxes on April 15. They have nothing to do with giving working class gas in their cars or finding baby formula on parents’ shelves.

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And that’s exactly what Peter Dusi cornered Karin, and luckily for me, he didn’t manage it well … at all.

You can watch the video below:

Well, I think it’s fair to say that Karin Jane isn’t Saki; One of the best BS’ers and liars in the swamp.

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I think Karin would have a hard time working with Peter … it should be fun. 3

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