[VIDEO] Drag Queen is expelled by liberal parents who allow children near it

Drag Queen Kitty Demur does not understand why liberal parents around the world are subordinating their children to the “Drag Queen Lifestyle”.

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Kitty explains what actually happens in these drag shows… and it’s not a place for kids, and other than that, Kitty says it’s not a “culture” that parents should be a part of or want to see their kids.

So, why are liberal parents so eager to push their children into this sexual subculture?

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Well, a cause virtue signal.

Parents are using their innocent children as accessories in their “WOKE” world, and pointing out to other leftist parents how “tolerant and progressive” they are. They do the same thing with their “hate Trump,” masks and vaccines.

Everything is a sign of quality and theater for these lunatics… and yes, they will use their kids as sacrificial lambs on the progressive altar if it makes them look beautiful. If you ask me, this is a form of Munchausen Syndrome and it is destroying children.

And speaking of innocent kids, Kitty doesn’t realize that this obsession is exposed by these parents to their children’s sex life.

Kitty says the shows have a lot of nudity, sex, drugs and other perversions that happen on stage and behind the scenes and it’s no place for kids.

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These should look at children, not “heroes” … So, why on earth is there so much “respect” for generous parent drag queens? What have they done as a team to earn this unwavering respect and respect for building the minds of children?

Just because they promote homosexuality or homosexual lifestyle? Is that it? Is that all it takes?

Good lord.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“I have acted as GOGO Boy for over a hundred drag shows. These are 100% adult entertainment and should be the last resort for any child. “

“Thanks !!!! If there was a heterosexual month, I don’t want strippers to make my kids dance or read. The same thing goes for the month of pride!”

“Look, I can agree with that. This person can live their life the way they want and not try to victimize or intimidate others.”

“If more LGBTQs talk like that, I’ll stop calling them pedo. Sadly, I think this person is rare in their world. “

“Curse – he’s nailed. They need to talk more !!! “

“Actually, the Barlesk show is not for children. Common sense can exist in all communities. ”

“Wow I don’t usually agree or disagree about drag queens but I have respect for the guy who made it happen !!!!”

“These parents are much more concerned about waking up to their next little cocktail show and boosting their liberal faith than its detrimental effects on their children. Such parents will push their children to change at an early age only to impress their friends with their awakening. It’s about them, not their children. “

“Thank you, I’m glad to hear someone from the gay community talk.”

“It simply came to our notice then. They think it makes their buttocks, sharp and acceptable by “popular culture”. And the mental health and well-being of their children takes a back seat to their selfish needs. “

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As Kitty rightly said, we don’t take our kids to tear joints and watch porn with them, so why is it okay for society in the world to persuade them to pull, whose culture also revolves around sex and drugs?

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