[VIDEO] Doocy has turned the KJP into a jellyfish in today’s press

Karine Jean-Pierre is falling apart at the seams.

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He is not good at his job.

In her defense, she had some big red floppy shoes to fill her.

There is no better liar or spin doctor than Jane Saki. The woman was the most shameless liar, and she cut the net of deception that was so huge that they were still hanging on the rafters of the White House briefing room.

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Even still, the KJP just stinks. When he is asked tough questions he breaks down like a cookie.

Or in the case below, KJP is shaking like a jelly bowl … because Peter Dusi cornered him in a recorded voice mail with Joe Biden’s voice, telling Hunter that he wanted to talk to him about his Chinese business dealings.


You will remember that Joe Biden swore that he did not discuss his son’s business ventures.

More lies.

The KJP was not ready for that question, you can clearly see …

Here is part of that exchange:

Ducey: “Why would a president’s voicemail talk to his son about his foreign business dealings if the president said he never talked to his son about his foreign business transactions?”

Jean-Pierre: “I’m not going to talk about the alleged devices that came from the laptop.”

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You can watch the video below:

Isn’t it amazing that the man who claimed that “Buck stayed with him” and who promised to take charge of everything is now “out of bounds”?

The press may ask questions about him, but don’t expect Biden’s administrator to answer them.

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Clearly, Joe Biden is, above all, a stupid farmer.

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