[VIDEO] Ditzy Biden Staffer Giggles when he can’t name anyone on WH Who’s

If you want to see how much the Beaden administrator cares about child formula deficiencies just listen to how they talk about it.

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The other day, Joe was asked how he could handle the deficit better, and like a complete jerk, he said he was not a “mind reader.”

Biden, meanwhile, has jumped on the bandwagon to do whatever it has to do with Ukraine সহ including sending us billions of tax dollars to secure their borders and help their people, when we are all suffering.

And his staff is not good.

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When a reporter asked a young Biden staffer who was running “points” about the lack of baby formula in the White House, he had no idea.

All he can do is say with a smile that he doesn’t know, but he will try to find out.

Yes, thank you, lady.

Think about it.

American parents can’t feed their kids right now, and Biden and his team are so indifferent that they’re joking and laughing at it.

What do you mean by that?

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You can listen to the audio below:

This is how the leftists think about the suffering of the Americans … laughing.

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If you don’t see that they care more about Ukraine than you do, then you are not paying attention.

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