[VIDEO] Did you hear that? This is the end of Liz Cheney’s career

A message was sent to Liz Cheney in Caspar, Wyoming last night.

This is a message that many of us have wanted to tell that traitor for ages.

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And trust me, it was loud and clear …

President Trump’s barn burner rally last night closed the curtain on Liz’s waterlogged career … and it sounds like this:

However, those TRUMP crowds broke the state record for the largest gathering ever.

20K inside, and God knows how many outside.

The Maga movement is stronger than ever. The more they try to stop Trump, the stronger he will become.

More news: Liberal Jarro insulted for claiming Trump’s record-setting rally was “empty”

And if that’s not enough for you, we’ve got this great news:

Politico reports that the poll, which is perhaps the brightest example of Cheney facing a political crisis this year, shows that Wyoming Attorney Harriet Hegman got 56 percent of Cheney’s 26 percent of the vote in the GOP primary. The third Republican received 12 percent support, and only 6 percent decisive.

Hegman was appointed and backed by former President Donald Trump last year in response to Cheney’s vote to impeach nine other House Republicans.

The only congressional district race in Wyoming is the one where the Club for Growth and Trump, who quickly turned from allies to foils, have come together, although the club has not officially backed Hegemann. The first shared poll with POLITICO was conducted this week by WPA Intelligence, a Republican agency, ahead of Friday’s candidate filing deadline.

Trump took a keen interest in the race because Cheney was a prominent critic of attempts to distort the 2020 election results. After his impeachment vote, he became one of only two Republicans, including Republican Adam Kinzinger (R-Isle), to sit on the commission that investigated Speaker Jan. 6 of the Nancy Pelosi.

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Kinzinger chose to retire rather than stop campaigning for Trump in mid-2022. Cheney, however, says he plans to run for re-election – even if his adversity seems difficult. And Trump will travel to Caspar, Wyoming on Saturday to rally for Hegman, a judge lawyer who won third place in the GOP primary for governor in 2018.

The poll reinforces another piece of information released a year ago by the Club for Growth, which shows that the Wyoming GOP plans to get 52 percent of early voters to vote against Cheney, no matter who challenges him.

So, yes, if Liz Cheney was watching last night, she would have heard all the sounds of the death of her steamy, watery, treacherous career.

Oh, and to put it bluntly, I found someone else from last night’s rally.

This is the sound of deep state crying:

After all, it was an incredibly successful rally and a powerful political statement to all.

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The GOP establishment must nervously press its fingers to the bone, while Demra, sitting in the White House with “dumb and stupid,” must shake their communist boots.

But what we cannot forget is that the Left and the GOP Establishment will work together to do anything to stop President Trump or anyone who is not a fanatic of the Establishment.

So, we have to be ready for whatever they throw at us and be united as before to fight for our votes.

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