[VIDEO] Did anyone bother to tell Biden what “MAGA” really stands for?

So Joe Biden and his handlers hired some Yahoo! to conduct research on messaging… they wanted to see if they could use a “message” that would irritate the American people … and what they came up with was stupid nonsense.

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Instead of uniting the country, and pushing the message of their own positivity and prosperity, the talents in the Biden compound have created everything about Trump and attacked everything “MAGA”.

So, Slurring Joe is scattering around the United States, attacking MAGA with really great words, like calling Trump a Maga King and calling us “Ultra Maga” and “Maga Gang”. I mean, Joe could create a future right-wing memes when these whole “fake president” things fall apart.

However, he is back today, during another vague “old-fashioned” speech at the AFL-CIO, he is again attacking MAGA, and he seems to be shouting at the kids to stop skateboarding on the sidewalk.

But this latest go-round of the MAGA attack made me think …

Did anyone really tell Joe Biden what Hell Maga means?

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Did he know that when he attacks the “MAGA” agenda that Republicans are pushing, he is actually attacking the idea of ​​”making America great again”?

Has anyone spelled it for dementia people?

You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“I find it interesting that Biden uses the notion of ‘making America great’ as negative. Which means, for Biden, the opposite of” Make America Great “is desirable. Interesting strategy.”

“Joe Biden’s policies have been such a catastrophic failure that the ultra-maggie is the only thing that can save this country.”

“Anyone who has voted on this issue needs to be fired.”

“Joe, take your old arthritic butt to the care home. Please get out of my house.”

“He’s Misleading”

“The man who destroyed his presidency economy, ruined stocks, pushed gas and inflation to all-time highs, set up a ministry of truth and organized show trials to let 3 million illegals go the right way and think he’s coming together Incredible. Country. “

“He says he believes in bipartisanship then dumps half the country’s garbage.”

Cheap gas decent price means world peace tweet second amendment first amendment # Ultramaga

“Keep talking about it, Joe. Makes them stronger, you’re stupid. Why did I vote for you?”

“Is he trashing the idea of ​​making America great? I’m not a fan of Trump, but that’s not a good idea, especially when there are inflation, high gas prices and food shortages. Why is he doing this? “

Seriously, did anyone tell this dummy what MAGA actually means?

If you ask me, this plan is a terrible idea. If you are not to make America great again, you must be against it, and is that why everything is going to hell in one hand basket, Joe?

Because you are a cosmopolitan who hates America?

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Again, the aristocratic Dames fail to understand what is actually happening to the average American, and in the end, Joe and Dames have to pay the price.

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