[VIDEO] Defeated, Haggard-handsome Alyssa Milano is permanently the latest celebrity


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Wake up and you will not only break down, but also make you look tired, tired and uncomfortable.

Poor Alyssa Milano looks like she first jumped into politics at the age of twenty.

And God knows it wasn’t worth it.

Women are a political dance.

He should have taken care of his family instead.

Because it stands now, the once bright and cheerful-looking actress looks depressed, worn out and completely on top of it.

There is nothing left in his “royal tank”.

Nowadays it is empty.

Nonetheless, Milano went to TikTok where he tried to “rally the troops” against the Rowe v. Wade regime, but he had no strength.

I think Trump has broken him as badly as he has broken Rosie, who now has that same uncomfortable, tired, no-energy vibe.

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I think the only thing Alyssa could do was convince everyone that she needed a really good multivitamin and some therapy.

But instead, she’s at Tikto, trying to brag about her abortion and looking and sounding like she’s given up on everything.

Very sad.


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The biggest problem with the left is that they are very emotional.

Everything is about their “feelings”.

This is why events are never part of their reasoning or thought process, they just accept all these misguided / hyper-sensitive feelings and spread them everywhere and it just expels so much energy.

You can’t keep this kind of hysterical foam-at-the-mouth activism for long.

Eventually, people get tired of seeing it and can’t give your body anything more physically or mentally.

And this is what you look like when you hit the bottom.

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These are the tragic and final stages of TDS.


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