[VIDEO] Dame Majority Leader had a crippled “tongue slip”

The House Majority Leader wanted to say that there was no way to tell what he did.

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It was a slip of the tongue.

Suddenly something flew out of his mouth in a moment of emotion.

And Dame is very emotional at the moment বণ emotional with frustration, that is.

Hower and all Dames are becoming more and more frustrated with how unpopular Joe Biden is … The American people cannot stand the arrogance, the old shaking and his extremist failed policies.

GOP lawmakers have been forced by their constituents to fight and hammer out of Biden and his agenda, and this combined with right-wing media, social media and bad votes has put many dams in a dilemma – especially when they think everyone is around Biden now. ” Assembly “.

And why would they think that?

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That’s right- this is where Majority Leader Hoare’s “Slip of the Tongue” comes in.

Hower thinks everyone should support Joe Biden because we are at war now.


Yes, that’s right … the majority leader of the House has told the world that we are at war …

So either I missed the “official declaration of war”, or we just got a glimpse into Dames’ secret Russia plot …

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Here is what he said: “It is unfortunate that during the war, we spend all our time blaming our own president.”

Nice to meet you, thank you for making it official.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Congress and the president are pursuing full-scale war without declaring war.”

“This idiot has lost like Joe. The United States is not at war.”

“Wait, have we declared war?” With whom? “

“Does he know we are not at war … or, is he acknowledging and confirming that the United States is at war with Russia?”

“We are certainly not at war with Russia or any other country. And we don’t want that either. So either he’s starting to get emotional or he’s talking about the Lib-Dams secret agenda … “

“That’s why you can’t stay in office for 82 years. They don’t even know what they’re talking about. “

“Since when have we declared war?”

“It simply came to our notice then. I didn’t know “we” were at war. I actually did it by proxy. “

“We are not at war. Our fake president thinks we are so yes. “

“Democrats are trying to stop America in another war. Is anyone shocked? “

Did you know that we are at war?

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Well, many thought that this was actually happening – a proxy war with Russia, which would lead to WW3 if we did not remove this perverted old fool and his administrator from office, or for the time being, at least take control of their power. Of Congress.

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