[VIDEO] CNN’s Van Jones just dropped the liberal elite like someone on the left

All right, holy cow … Van Jones just “went there.”

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It finally happened. Someone on the left has called on the liberal elite to be completely and utterly bizarre in the end.

And trust me, he uses the word “weird” and he’s spot on.

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Van, who has always been a critic of his team, has now got a new lease on life that the new boss on CNN has come so he can actually talk freely, and boy oh boy, what has he left.

He explained in very precise and painful detail why the Dames were losing, and why the working class, which was their foundation, had now moved to the Republican Party … and it was very simple:

Liberal elites are going crazy. And it is mainly the rich white liberals who are pushing all these nonsense.

They use all these irrational terms and think that men can have children, and that there are 67 genders, and that it is okay for drag queens to have sex with children, and so on and so forth.

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Sorry, but this is not normal, and not the way most people in this country think or feel, and this is why the common / intelligent working class is fleeing the “crazy party” and moving toward the Republican Party.


It was a brilliant takedown of the awakened loons, but it would fall on deaf ears.

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These liberal elites are arrogant about the size of Mount Everest, and most of them are socialites who don’t really care about anyone but themselves.

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