[VIDEO] Check out this side-by-side footage of this tragic 1960s Paris

We’ve heard a lot about how globalization has pushed Paris – and much of Europe – down the tube.

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It turns out that “diversity” and cosmopolitanism aren’t really everyone’s strength, especially when the two are now consuming all the beautiful culture, passion and magic of the cities.

Needless to say, the mix of cultures doesn’t give a city amazing spice and life… it does. That’s one reason I love New York so much (while it’s not a crime-prone liberal hell).

But in NYC and other similar cities, cultures blend together and create this magical, amazing stew.

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Everyone may be different, but everyone has a general respect and appreciation for the differences.

But forcing a large population to occupy a city, who do not believe in embracing or appreciating another culture, will eventually collapse.

It’s not “meaning” or “racist”, it’s just true.

So, when I saw this video clip, I was thinking about the kind of thing that shows the difference between what Paris looks like in the 1960s vs. 2010s, as well.

It’s really awesome and sad.

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This progress?

You can watch the video below:

I watched this clip, and I thought how liberals, who love diversity and welcome every refugee on earth, always preach to us that we don’t care about the planet, but how exactly do they see their liberal-run cities?

They tell you and me that we eat too much beef, and cut our lawns too often, but have nothing to say about the complete destruction of their cities that were once rich and beautiful?

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When you think about it, isn’t it the actual “destruction” of our planet?

Something to think about.

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